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running rich afraid to touch it

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  • running rich afraid to touch it

    hey guys love my pro flo 4 but it running rich you can smell it and the plugs look fat here is the problem I'm afraid to go in and change things because i don't know much about tuning a EFI system and it dose not run that bad!! this is my base set up 302 roller cam B303 gt40 heads headers 5sp i chose mild cam from stock to start now it definitely running rich and after its ruling at 190 temp it is a little harder to start you have to crank it a bit longer not as crisp as when cold what should i do or do nothing just drive it thanks

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    How many miles have you driven it?
    Watch your SHFT values, if too high, it can be adjusted to single digits.

    If you need help with tuning, feel free to contact 800-416-8628.



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      Start by looking at the Digital Display gauge display page. What is your AFR and what is your AFR SP? What is your vacuum at idle? What is your fuel pressure? What is your Short FT? What calibration did you load?