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  • Fuel Pump Question

    I've read the sticky and understand that a 190lph and 255lph pump will work for up to 500-600 HP. I just purchased the 35950 kit for a stroker Windsor and would like to use the Aeromotive Stealth 2 tank that has ether the 200 LPH or 340LPH pump option. The 200 is rated at 600 HP, will this be okay as long as I wire it with a relay? Thanks!

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    It's going to come down to expected engine power output. The 35 lb injectors in the 35950 kit can support 500-550 hp depending on fuel pressure. If you anticipate that you'll be below that, then the 200 lph will probably be okay. If you're going to be in the max power range that the injectors can support, then I'd spend the extra $60 and get the 340 lph pump.

    I recently ran a Pro-Flo 4 on a hot 408 Windsor and it was making over 550 hp so we had to up-size the injectors to 42 lbs. Point being that simply saying you've got a "stroker Windsor" can mean 450 hp or 600 hp so fuel pump choice will depend on power level. I personally think it's always good practice to have more fuel delivery capacity than you actually need versus having just barely enough.


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      This is a pretty "hot" 420" Windsor with AFR 205 heads and a .621" solid roller so I'd guess I'm around 550. Should I exchange the injectors for the 42's? Just got the box yesterday!
      I'll glade spend the extra $60 for the 340lph version of the Stealth tank if you recommend it.

      thanks for the reply Nate.


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        Do you have more cams grind specs? Duration @ 0.050"? LSA?


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          253 int / 256 exh 110 LSA It has a tad over 11 inches of vacuum at idle


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            Hello Nate,

            do you have any updates/recommendations for me? thanks!


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              Sorry, I started a reply but I guess I never posted it. I think you're going to be right on the border at 550 hp. With 58 psi of fuel pressure bumped up to 60, you'll run right up to ~85% injector duty cycle which is okay but doesn't leave you much head room. If your 550 is actually more like 560-575 then you'll probably want the 42 lb injectors. We can change out your 35's for 42's for $100 if you send them in before you use them. The decision is up to you. I would just take a good hard look at the combo and decide if you're more so going to be above or below 550 hp. If right at 550 and not expecting more then you're probably okay on the 35's. If you want to change to 42's, just let me know.


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                I think I'd rather have more "head room" then be near capacity of the 35's, I'm interested in swapping to the 42's.

                On a related note, I'm curious as to why there are so few CAL ID"s for the 42's?



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                  It's been our experience with our customer base that most "small block" based engines are in the power level that's usually supported by 29 or 35 lb injectors and most "big block" based engines are in a power level that's best supported by 60 lb injectors so the 42's kind of wind up stuck in between those power levels and honestly aren't used that often. In those cases where they're needed, we can change them out.

                  Package up your injectors are send them to:

                  Attn EFI Dept - Injector Exchange
                  2700 California St
                  Torrance, CA

                  Include a note with your contact and shipping info. If you want to pay by credit card, leave your phone number and our sales department will call you for payment otherwise you can also send along a money order for $100. We'll swap out your injectors and send them back to you.


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                    Thanks Nate! I appreciate your help.

                    I can start a new thread if you prefer, but have a question about distributor gears. As i understand it, the distributor that comes in the kit has a Melonized gear? I'm currently running a bronze gear on my solid roller. I've read some say Melonized works with all cams but have also read that isn't necessarily true. Thoughts?