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    Newbie question here. I'm in the early stages of planning to switch my '70 C10 over to the Pro Flo 4 system. I have a Boyd Welding EFI rear mount tank already. What is the best choice and location for my fuel filter. Was thinking of a canister type close to the tank. Any info would be helpful

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    Typical fuel filter arrangement in EFI systems is 100 micron before fuel pump and 10 micron after. With an in-tank pump, you've got a sock/strainer pre-filter immediately ahead of the pump - then you just got to add one after the pump. Having it near the tank is a good idea - that way you're keeping the contaminants limited to just a short run of fuel line. Lots of options for fuel filters. I used to use rebuildable/serviceable filters but recently have just gone to OEM type filters that I just throw away.


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      Was thinking of a canister type close to the tank

      Sounds like a good choice.....