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Pro Flo 4 XT clearance - Mopar 440 with a/c

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  • Pro Flo 4 XT clearance - Mopar 440 with a/c

    Is anyone running one on a 440 RB? If so I'm wondering if it would fit with a Sanden type compressor bolted in the stock location. I can rotate it so the lines move up and hopefully our of the way but that's about it. Anything else would be surgery and I'd get the stock carb looking setup if that would be the case. I hope I can make the XT fit though, and get a cold air intake tube fitted. Thoughts?

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    I would rotate the pump 360. Weld new 45 degree fittings on the end plate, to clear the valve cover.

    If you need new hoses. I've been using Oetiker clamps with good results.
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      That’s a Sanden on the 440. Classic Auto Air. Pro Flo intalled.


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        I'm sure I can fit that model with little modification, but I'd really love to get the XT in place. I'm not sure if I should risk it.