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READ ME! Latest Pro-Flo 4 Instructions - Updated Oct 8, 2019

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  • READ ME! Latest Pro-Flo 4 Instructions - Updated Oct 8, 2019

    Oct 2019

    Install instructions for "classic" V8 engines with either 4150 4 bbl or 90mm XT throttle bodies: https://edelbrock-files-v1.s3-us-wes...s/63-35760.pdf

    Install instructions for LS kits: https://edelbrock-files-v1.s3-us-wes...s/63-35763.pdf

    Install instructions for LS ECU & harness kits: https://edelbrock-files-v1.s3-us-wes...s/63-35711.pdf

    Quick Start Guide & E-Tuner User's Manual: https://edelbrock-files-v1.s3-us-wes...s/63-35761.pdf

    Revision notes:
    1. Combined previous Quick Reference Guide brochure and E-Tuner User's Manual into one document.
    2. Added supporting info for Forced Induction including calibration matrix.
    3. Updated note about tach and fan outputs - outputs rated to 1.0A, not 1.5A. Added note about NOT using heavy duty relays.
    4. Added more details about NEVER EVER EVER using a "dome" style CDI coil without a CDI box.
    5. Updated 4150 kit component photos to show newer style throttle body.
    6. Added graphic showing L & R sides of engines for proper fuel injector harness routing.
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    Updated instructions in anticipation of pending Pro-Flo 4 E-Tuner update with Forced Induction support.
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