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Getting fuel to Pro Flo 4.

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  • Getting fuel to Pro Flo 4.

    I am retro-fitting a 283 sbc into a 1993 S-10. Will the original 12 psi system pressure in-tank pump be suitable for supplying the sump pump which it seems is required to supply the rails on the Pro Flo 4. Certainly, the convenience of the original pump, with wiring and fuel level capability existing. Is there any way to up-grade an oem in-tank pump to feed the Pro Flo 4?

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    Edelbrock makes #17933 pump for intank GM use. It could work.

    Or you could try Summit Racing, or even the S10 Forums.
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      One thing to keep in mind is that the inlet pressure to the Universal Fuel Sump System should be limited to 7 psi. Upgrading the truck's in-tank pump like Bite suggested may be a better idea versus using the Sump System.
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