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Gen 1 Coyote CAN protocol

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  • Gen 1 Coyote CAN protocol

    I have an early Gen 1 Coyote with a PF4+ kit - starts and runs fine once I replaced the cam phasor connectors. I'm looking at the CAN bus signals now, eventually for use with a data logger. I found this:, but it's clear there's more going on in the PF4+ data stream (I see addresses up to 309). Is there an equivalent document for the PF4+ ECU?

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    Data is currently not available Pro-Flo 4+.

    You do have losts of diagnostic pages, filled with simple meters, or numbers.

    Data Logger.
    What do you want to log?

    Speed Over Ground
    Transmission Speed, and Current Gear
    Drive Axlel Speed
    Boost...........currently not a option 4Plus
    Water, Air, Oil, and Intercooler Temperature

    You can record the running app screens, and play them back later.......just Google Display recording app
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      Originally posted by ddwelley
      I have an early Gen 1 Coyote with a PF4+ kit - starts and runs fine once I replaced the cam phasor connectors.
      What was wrong with the connectors? Did you have trouble with it starting? I am having issues with my gen 2


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        Datalogger: The car (89 Fox notch) is an open-track rat, so I want to log GPS position and synchronize it with RPM, throttle position, temps, etc. I have an Arduino-based setup that worked great with the previous now-dead computer via OBDII, but the Edelbrock data format is different. I can probably puzzle it out, but the engineer in me always wants to learn from those who know before I start inventing things from scratch...

        Cam connectors: My 2011-vintage Gen 1 crate motor came with the early-style cam connectors, not the later 2012+ style that the Edelbrock harness uses. After much Googling and measuring the impedance of my actuators vs. a more modern engine (they're the same at 8 ohms), I crossed my fingers, cut off the Edelbrock connectors, and spliced on the connectors from my old Ford harness. Fired up fine and the cams appear to be phasing the way they should. There's a doc from that other EFI company that suggests the only difference between the early actuators and the later ones is the connector itself - that appears to be correct.