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EFI package for Ford 351C

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  • EFI package for Ford 351C

    Trying to find an EFI package for a Ford 351 Cleveland. I see a package for 351W (M?) that is affordable(2300$ ish) but don't find a comparable one for 351C which is arguably a higher performance more desirable motor for "Edelbrock" people which I count myself as one. I have mostly Pontiac and Chevy stuff but am working at a shop where a good customer wants an Edelbrock RPM "level" setup on a Ford 351C for his beautiful 67 Mustang fastback but wants EFI. Was hoping to find a Pro-Flow 4 setup for 351C which we have 2 of on shelf in the shop. 2 4v and a set of 2v heads to offer him. I see Edelbrock makes carb manifolds for both 2V and 4V but none for EFI setups. I believe the customer would be very favorable to a complete Edelbrock package. Possibly Edelbrock could offer a manifold modification and then Windsor electronics and throttle body? Customer might go for aluminum heads too but 2V and 4V heads are in nice condition. A cooperative cam and valve train recommendation for his street cruiser summer car which he will not have deep gears in, either 3spd or OD automatic trans would be nice as well. Want parts to match.

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