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  • Ford 460 hard start

    I have a 460 Ford motor in my Street rod. It has had a pro flo on it for a year +. More recently I have been chasing a hard starting problem coupled with a starter not disengaging issue. These problems seem to be getting worse. Most recently I decided to check the basics and started with timing. I am having difficulty getting a stable reading from my timing light (bouncing adv/ret) but if I put it on my Ford Truck the signal and light are rock solid. The internals as well as the cap/rotor seem to be the same as Ford EFI parts. Has anyone else had any problems with the distributor furnished with the pro flo kit?

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    You actually posted in the one section of the forum where the EFI system doesn't require a distributor.


    You won't get a "stable" timing with out doing 1 of 2 different options in the E-Tuner App.

    1. Home page of the App.
    Touch... Advanced Tuning.
    Touch... Base Timing.
    Touch... Set Base Timing.
    This will lock the timing at 12°BTDC...... timing light is used, and rotate the distributor till 12°BTDC is showing on the dampener.

    2. Home page of the App.
    Touch... Advanced Tuning.
    Touch...On/Off Options.
    Touch to turn RED....Idle Control.

    You should make sure first that the timing chain and gears have no slack in them first.
    Rotate the crankshaft back and forth, while watching the distributors should move instantly with the crankshaft.....if not a replacement timing set is in order.
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