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  • Fuel Sump Replacement

    Just last week my fuel sump quit working. 1st it sounded like a plug wire had come loose. I stopped along side the road and the truck was running terribly bad. I shut the engine down and checked plug wires, they were all secure. Got the truck back home using a pipe and chain and my Duramax.

    placed 12v directly to the sump pump and nothing, the pump was dead. I ordered a new one and placed it in a new location but the wiring harness remained in tact. Connected to the EFI module and all setting a were good. Started up first time I hit the key. Ran for about 5 minutes and then it shut off, sounded like it ran out of gas. Just shut right off.

    I have checked everything. It won’t start, it sounds like it wants to run but won’t. I pulled the fuel line from the fuel rail on the EFI and ran fuel from the pump into a bucket, it seems to have good flow.

    while attempting to start I noticed that the AFR reading block was red and had a number around 28.

    The tune I am running is for a 383 with a Mild cam. Someone in Michigan tuned the truck but the truck was built in Illinois. However, the past owners act like they have no idea what is in the motor for a cam. I know it has one but Have no idea what the lift or duration is. It’s not stock.

    I checked the plugs by taking them out and they are plenty wet from fuel but they do fire, it just won’t start again. Battery voltage is around 13.2v but does not get below 11 when trying to start.

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    You might be in wrong section ------PF+ ??
    Don't get too caught up in the numbers.
    Just give the Engine what it wants &
    Let the numbers be what they are.

    Jim McFarland....