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Installing Pro Flo 4+

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  • Installing Pro Flo 4+

    I received my 4+ system in my LS swapped truck today and started laying out all the wiring just to figure out my layout and I noticed a few things I need some assistance with.

    1. I do not have a separate air intake temperature sensor so I was planning on buying Edelbrock part #3578, drilling a hole in the cold air intake tube for the sensor.
    2. My MAP sensor does not work with the included plug. My plan is to use Edelbrock part #36021.

    So just some information my engine is an LC9 from a 2011 Sliverado. It has full length headers with a 3" exhaust, ls3 cam, no afm, no vvt and beehive springs. Fairly simple setup, mostly looking for reliability.

    My question is will these parts work with the 4+ and will that map sensor work on a truck intake? (side note the truck intake is very ugly)


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    Link to LS instructions:

    Page 6 shows the kit comes with air temp sensor.

    Page 24 shows MAP connector.... it's a 3 pin connector...... yours has more pins?
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      Yeah the instructions show that it comes with the air temp sensor but it does not and I checked the photos on the website and they don't show the air temp sensor either, so I am guessing they changed the contents and didn't update the instructions or they forgot? I'll ask support about that.

      It's a 3-pin connector but the plug is different. I have an adapter from another harness but it's a female/female connector so it won't work unless I change one side to male. I have the parts to do it just wasn't sure if the sensor was correct. I am assuming yes? So I will probably go ahead and crimp a new end on the plug.



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        It's up and running, idles decent. I need to make a new bracket to mount the new pedal before I can drive it anywhere. I'm guessing after driving it around some more it will smooth out. maybe adding the 2nd O2 sensor will help as well.

        Also an FYI it did not like the 07 monte carlo pedal I had, which makes sense as the instructions require a specific one which I had already ordered just wanted to see if I could use the other one since it was already mounted in the truck.


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          What throttle body are you using?

          Some info I've put together:
          GM #12605109 ( Gold blade ) is for LS3. Top part of blade goes IN....looks like it's body is a little smaller then silver one.
          GM #12570790 ( Silver blade ) is for LS2. Top part of blade goes OUT.....this has been discontinued by GM....some say it's a pain to use in engine swaps...hits alternator.

          GM pedal #10379038 is only about $70.00 at RockAuto.
          "Do you know how whipped an engine has to be to blow that loud?"....Bug from the movie Uncle Buck


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            I have the #12605109 throttle body originally I had the #12629992 as it is listed in the compatibility PDF but it does not appear in the wizard so I didn't want any issues. I have the #10379038 pedal, that price is about what I paid, I think I paid maybe $10 more.

            I liked the #12629992 throttle body as it was a bit more compact.


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              Just some more information on GM # 10379038 pedal.

              Pin number and what it's for:
              A = 2 Low.
              B = 2 Signal.
              C = 2 5 volts.
              D = 1 Low.
              E = 1 Signal.
              F = 1 5 volts.

              Pedal has jumped in price...Summit Racing is $109.99

              Cadillac CTS 2004 - 2015 is the target vehicle in junkyards.

              Most people call it a APP.... Accelerator Pedal Position.
              I would call it a Electronic Loud Pedal.....ELP
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              "Do you know how whipped an engine has to be to blow that loud?"....Bug from the movie Uncle Buck