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    I just realized there is a Pro Flo 4 Plus system for LS engines. Decided to check the forum and see how users like it and it appears there are no users. Is this true. Anyone know why there are basically no posts for this system?

    I have an LS1 and was going to use the LS XT system for it until I saw the Plus. Now that it appears to be hardly used I don't know what to do.

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    Simple Education:

    Some motors use a Drive By Wire System that exclude the use of a Traditional Throttle Cable.

    Hence why a + ( Plus ) system was introduced, to exclusively control a Drive By Wire Motor.
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      ProFlo4 Plus is a relatively new Engine Management System that was launched earlier this summer. It is designed to control late-model drive-by-wire (DBW) Domestic V8 engines, including LS, Coyote, & Gen 3 Hemis.

      In addition to DBW, ProFlo4 Plus also adds the ability to operate Cam Timing, OEM Alternator Control, Knock Control, Dual O2 Sensors, Dual DBW (LS), & Dual Fan Control.

      As with ProFlo4, ProFlo4 Plus is a Self Learning Plug-&-Play EFI System that utilizes our Exclusive E-Tuner App for Setup, Tuning, & System Monitoring. The system include pre-calibrated Base Maps to get you up and running in no time!

      For more information, go to
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