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  • Documentation for Injector upgrade

    Hi all,

    So, I have a Pontiac 400 (alum RPM performer heads, 2.5" dual exh, cam, ~10:1 compression, and pro flo3 with 29lb/hr injectors. I won't get overly into the details of my situation unless there is interest, but based on a recent call to Edelbrock support, it's very possible I could be exceeding the 29lb injectors.

    Without getting into too many details, I don't think I have a vacuum leak and my current cam tends to run at or even somewhat below 10" of vacuum at idle. When I choose the 'mild cam' I tend to stall when coming to a stop or sitting at stop lights I believe due to low vacuum levels. Pretty sure AFR and timing are both happy.

    When I redo the wizard and chose 'race cam' the map that is loaded 32220 (I think), makes the car run super lean. not sure how long self learn at idle should take, but I shouldn't have to max out the fuel modifiers just to get it somewhat happy. For example, after idling for roughly 30 min, it's actual AFR is still at roughly 16-17 when I have the AFR set to 14.3 at idle. Perhaps I'm not being patient enough, but starting to research how hard it would be to upgrade to 35lb/hr units.

    Is there any documentation or even a youtube video that would provide a rough idea of what it would take to swap out just the injectors? I haven't found much that shows the swap of the injectors themselves. I have the proflo3 setup, but I'm assuming anything with fuel rails would be similar.

    Thanks all,

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    Record a cell video of the digital display screen with engine hot.

    Here is a link to test o2 sensor ( dont worry it says PF4 = it functions the same) :