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Electric fan not turning on

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  • Electric fan not turning on

    Wired up electric fan to pin #29 as per instructions. Fan will not turn on when temp of 172 is reached. Tablet indicates the fan comes on with the green light, however no fan start up. When ground out that terminal #85 on relay (E-street main harness pin #29) the fan turns on. So to my understanding, the relay is wired correctly. Changed the ecu to pin #30 and still same result. Verified continuity in all wiring to relay. Any help?

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    Hi Dan,

    There was a typo in some of the earlier instructions. It shows pin 29 and 30 in the instructions, it should read 16 and 34 on the 34 pin connector. Swap the pins to those locations and you should have the fans working correctly.


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      I forgot. Is #29 the number 1 fan?

      One of the EFI systems. Holley, or Edelbrocks. The fans need to turn on, in order.
      And I believe turn off needs to be 20 degrees different....then ON.
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        #16 is fan 1 and #34 is fan #2. Our system you can have them come on independent of each other.


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          Thanks I was scratching my head on that one