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    Will do. Battery cable is off. Will check it tomorrow and report my findings. Software is really buggy. IAC readings disappeared again and wont come back.


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      There's 2 kinds of IAC valves. The 4 wire unit on the XT manifolds ( stepper motor ), and the 2 wire unit used on the rest ( PWM ). Both are driven differently. So you need a specific ECU for each one. I believe it was Pro-Flo 3 where they fixed, where people were installing the wrong software for the type of IAC might be where part of the bug is.

      You might want to check the IAC valve. This link might help:
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        hey buddy not sure if the problem was the same i was having but i figured it accidentally changed the air filter and the reading went back to what suppose to but of course my tablet was showing the reading. the IAC reading was at 50 on mine once i changed the air filter the reading went down sorry if this is not the same problem your having but it sounds similar