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Replacing injectors

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  • Replacing injectors

    Just ordered SBC proflo3 3220, will be here next week. I was interested in the 3221 due to my engine, but it was no longer available. My engine is a 383 stroked with a comp cams CS 288A-R6 solid roller cam, all forged, big valve dart iron eagle 2 heads, full roller, supposedly about 550hp, in a 72 Corvette used for street and autocrossing, The 29lb injectors may be on the edge of too small for this engine and think the 35lb injectors are what will be needed. I read on the proflo2 forum that there used to be the option to exchange injectors for a smaller cost as long as they have not been used at all. Is that still an option today?

    Also, do you have any instructions for performing the injector replacement?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Call the tech line 800-416-8628.
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