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3230, 3231, manifold and throttle body heights

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  • 3230, 3231, manifold and throttle body heights

    I'm interested in getting a pro flo 3 setup but have some problems finding info I need. Seems like this would be super easy to find out considering install pdf says to check installed heights but part numbers can't be found easily.

    I have a 1968 camaro ss with a 454 bigblock. The car has an SS hood so underhood clearance is low.

    can anyone tell me definitively the height of the 3231 pf3 intake manifold AND the height of the throttle body? Can anyone tell me which manifold the 3231 comes with and is it different than the 3230 kit?

    are the 3230 and 3231 kits identical other than the injectors?

    can anyone tell me the total height of the pf3 xt 3236 manifold WITH the throttle body installed? It looks like throttle body is a bit higher than the manifold top.

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    Victor Jr #29045. Height A-5.90" and B-5.90". Throttle body is 2.25".

    #3236 Manifold height A-9.8", B-10.0", C17.8", D-0.0", E-10 degrees.
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