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Connecting a Wideband Controller to the Pro Flo 2

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  • Connecting a Wideband Controller to the Pro Flo 2

    Wideband controllers have an analog output signal used for data logging or connecting to an engine management system. The input pin for this type of sensor is located on the larger 34 pin ECU connector at pin number 31. Included in your Pro Flo 2 kit are several "pigtails" that have the proper terminal for inserting into the ECU main harness connectors. Connect your widebands analog output wire to the pigtail using a suitable crimp type connector.

    To insert the terminal into the ECU connector, you must first unlock the connector. Using a small screwdriver or pick, push in on the single white tab located on the bottom side of the connector. It should click and push the two smaller white tabs on the top of the connector outwards. Hold the pigtail by the wire end and insert it into the 34 pin connector at location number 31. Push it all the way in until it stops. When it is inserted correctly, you should be able to push on the two small white tabs and lock the connector. If you feel resistance pushing on the two tabs, the terminal isn't inserted completely. Re-check if necessary.
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    I alerady have an autometer wideband O2 sensor/gauge kit, is the autometer gauges' datalog feature compatable W/ pro-flo 2, autometer's website says it uses a 0-4V signal?


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      If you have a calibration curve for your sensor, it should work fine. You need to enter the appropriate voltage to lambda transfer function into your calibration file. You'll need a new software definition file (attached) to allow you to view the sensor calibration curves. Unzip and save this file in your working maps folder. Overwrite the one that is there. Re-open Editor and more tables will be available to you. See the Lambda 2 Cal table in the Lambda Control function group.
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        Will this wideband controller work with the Pro-Flo 2

        Just wondering if this Innovate wideband controller will work with the Pro Flo 2?

        If not, can you recommend which one to use?

        If yes, what do I need to upgrade in the software?



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          Yes, that kit will work fine.

          More information here on defining a custom lambda calibration curve:

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            Which wide band O2 sensor?

            Is there a certain part number I can use to get the correct wide band O2 sensor? Does it need anything additional to use the wide band sensor other than that mentioned above.



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              Dynojet Wide band 2

              Dynojet recommended a kit that is $529.95. The whole Wide Band Commander, v1.0 - White Digital Gauge SKU 15-7009.

              I explained what i had and what I would be doing and this is what they suggested and said I needed. I don't think this is what you intended. If my efi is dialed in I shouls not need a gauge unless I want to see it all the time.

              I think what you were suggesting was more like their Wide Band 2 Kit - White Analog Gauge Price: $289.00 SKU: 15-7005.

              If this is correct please let me know. I do have an older wide band kit and software/ cable controller sensor from Innovative Motorsports I can use if it would be fine. Not guage but they sell those separately.

              Thanks for your help.


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                Can anyone repost the software definition file? I am getting an invalid link from the previous older post. Thanks.


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                  In this thread.
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                    To help out Pro Flo 2 users, I am posting the calibration data for the 2 most popular AEM wideband gauges. You can use the 0-5v output wired to Lambda 2 on the ECU as detailed at the top of this thread. These also give you a gauge to watch as you drive to help develop your fuel map. You will have to change the breakpoints to match the gauge you are using by right clicking on the table.

                    AEM 30-0300 Calibration

                    Volts ,,Bits ,,,,,,Lambda
                    1 ,,,,,,204.8,,,, 0.66
                    1.25,,256.0,,,, 0.70
                    1.5 ,,,307.2 ,,,,0.74
                    1.75 ,358.4,,,, 0.78
                    2 ,,,,,,409.6 ,,,,0.82
                    2.25 ,460.8 ,,,,0.86
                    2.5 ,,,512.0 ,,,,0.90
                    2.75 ,563.2 ,,,,0.94
                    3 ,,,,,,614.4 ,,,,0.99
                    3.25 ,665.6 ,,,,1.03
                    3.5 ,,,716.8 ,,,,1.07
                    3.75 ,768.0 ,,,,1.11
                    4 ,,,,,,819.2 ,,,,1.15
                    4.25 ,870.4 ,,,,1.19
                    4.5 ,,,921.6 ,,,,1.23
                    4.75 ,972.8 ,,,,1.27

                    AEM 10-4110 Calibration

                    Volts ,,Bits ,,,,Lambda
                    0.16 ,,,32.8 ,,,,,0.705
                    0.31 ,,,63.5 ,,,,,0.725
                    0.62 ,,127.0 ,,,,0.768
                    0.94 ,,192.5 ,,,,0.811
                    1.25,, 256.0 ,,,,0.854
                    1.56 ,,319.5 ,,,,0.896
                    1.87 ,,383.0 ,,,,0.939
                    2.34 ,,479.2 ,,,,1.003
                    2.65 ,,542.7 ,,,,1.045
                    2.96 ,,606.2 ,,,,1.087
                    3.28 ,,671.7 ,,,,1.13
                    3.59 ,,735.2 ,,,,1.173
                    3.9 ,,,,798.7 ,,,,1.216
                    4.37 ,,895.0 ,,,,1.28
                    4.68 ,,958.5 ,,,,1.322
                    4.99 ,1022.0 ,,,1.365

                    Added commas to space the columns as extra spaces are deleted automatically.
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