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General Information on 35030 Kit

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  • General Information on 35030 Kit

    Application: Small Block Chevy Performer
    Horsepower Range: Up to 350
    Throttle Body Size: 2V 750 cfm
    Injector Size: 29 lb/hr

    For more information, please go to:
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    35030 Pro Flo 2

    I am interested in using this system.
    I have a 91 GMC Safari Van in which I have transplanted a 350 cid in it. I am having trouble with the stock injection and related control systems.

    I am wondering how much work it is to use the Pro Flo 2 system. I am willing to redo the wiring system but I wish to keep the computer controled transmission and the ABS System and other eletronic systems that the vehicle comes with. I live in Canada and the van is built for the Canadian market.

    If you have any usable information please post this thread

    Thanks norm215


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      35030 Pro Flo 2

      I have already looked at that page and didn't answer my questions


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        What you want to do is possible but not at all easy. It will require building a custom harness and allowing your existing factory ECU to control all vehicle related functions...trans, abs, dash gauges, etc. while the Pro Flo runs the engine. This job takes someone highly skilled in electronics, wiring and EFI system installations to be successful. You won't be able to rely on Edelbrock for tech support much either since this is nowhere near a typical installation. There are a lot more variables.


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          I want to convert my carbureted 1981 Olds 305 cid to fuel injected. Is this product the one I would go with? Or is it the same as "norm215"...will I have to custom make a wire harness?