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Downloading the pro flo2 software

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  • Downloading the pro flo2 software

    I tried downloading the software on windows 7 and it wouldn't auto run then I tried windows 10- and it did auto run but no serial port driver for windows 10.. Is it possible to use windows 10 for downloading and tuning if I get a driver when it does load are all of the updates available or should I use the ones from this forum Thanks Tim

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    You Google a Vista driver. The chip used in most adapters was banned by Microsoft, by request of the manufacture of the chip in the adapters.
    Yes. It sounds stupid. But it is the only workaround that works.

    You can find out what chip you have, by looking at the hardware section of the OS, when you have it plugged in. Then Google Vista driver for the chip.
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      I'm using a windows 7 Labtop. since eldebrock tech line told me that was the windows 10 would not communicate with pro-flow2 xt. is that correct?


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        Windows 10 could. It depends if it was a upgrade or not, and what it was upgraded from, and what updates were installed.....some times a splash screen will show what OS version, the current OS is based on, when you first turn on the PC.

        The only way to find out if it will work, is to try it.

        Ditto for Windows 7, XP, Vista.

        For the RS232 adapter to USB. You Google Vista drivers.......Drivers above Vista, banned most of the RS232 chip's from working.

        Edit: Not one of my PC's. But it's running on the Windows 10 PC, i'm posting from.
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        At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy