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Update your Firmware to Version 15.0

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  • Update your Firmware to Version 15.0

    Version 15.0 Firmware is ready and available for download at
    Why update your firmware you ask?
    Because this is the latest and greatest firmware version to date and features refinements to make quick starting better for certain applications that weren't fast enough with version 14.0
    After you download the latest version of firmware to your computer you will need to extract the firmware from the zipped folder. The actual firmware file will be an .fsx file. Next, go to "My Computer". Open your "C Drive" and find the Power to Win folder. Open the Power to Win folder and drag the new version of firmware into it. Now you can open E-Flash and select "File", "Update Firmware". Select the new .fsx file you just added to the folder and click "Open". The new firmware will be loaded into the ECU and then you will need to cycle the power to the ECU. Now you’re ready to go.
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    The new version really did the trick for my my Mopar 408 stroker, version 14 was OK but with version 15 there is no delay. When I crank it over it fires up immediately. Finally acts as a fuel injection system should. Thanks!!!


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      Are there any other enhancements to this new upgrade besides the quick start?


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        Version 15.0 is a slightly modified version of 14.0 The only enhancement has been to the quick starting ability of the systems. Thanks!


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          Your link does not work, but you will find the update here.