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  • Pro Flo versions feature comparison

    Apologies if this has been covered somewhere but I didn't find it on a few searches. Is there a comparison chart somewhere that provides the feature changes from version to version? in particular, I'm looking to understand what is different between Pro Flo 2 vs. Pro Flo 4 [Ford 302 application]. I'm looking for actual feature differences like one is truly sequential & the other is batch fire or one's fuel map is in 1000 RPM increments where the other is 500 RPM or things like that.

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    Unfortunately no such info is available. All Pro-Flo EFI systems have utilized sequential fuel injection so they're all the same in that regard. I'd consider the specs you're looking for to be more like "white paper" specs that get into very specific details about aspects of the system. While "white paper" type differences exist, they're not ones that are easily quantifiable. That's to say that even though they may be different, you really couldn't even measure a discernible difference between them which makes the differences minute or irrelevant.

    The biggest difference between Pro-Flo 2 and Pro-Flo 4 is that Pro-Flo 2 typically needs specific laptop tuning in order to achieve best performance and driveability while Pro-Flo 4 is self fuel tuning and drives very nicely right out of the box. A Pro-Flo 2 in the hands of an experienced tuning professional could be made to drive as nicely as a Pro-Flo 4 to the point where the average driver couldn't tell the difference between the two systems. But Pro-Flo 2 is old and discontinued and support is now limited. Pro-Flo 4 is current tech, a current product and is actively being developed and supported. The Pro-Flo 4 system and interface is light years ahead of the old systems that by today's standards, are pretty antiquated.

    Personally, I don't think in any instance, even if a brand new Pro-Flo 2 was offered to me for free, would I take a Pro-Flo 2 system over a Pro-Flo 4 even if it meant buying a Pro-Flo 4 at full retail price.