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No communication from ECU to laptop

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  • No communication from ECU to laptop

    Keep getting "no communication" message. Win 7 laptop, ECU and laptop set to Port 4, 1 stop bit, 0 parity (tried other settings, too). Verified power to ECU. This is out of car, in my office. There are settings for com. speed, but no idea what it should be. Anyone had this problem and fixed with a setting? Thanks.

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    Is the serial/USB being seen by the PC?

    Look at your "Device Manager". If you see Red marks, of Yellow question marks.
    Then these devices need to be configured......Right Mouse Click ( RMC ) on them. You should have the option to update the devices.....Google Microsoft Vista drivers, if the Windows 7 drivers don't play nice.
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      OK. There was a yellow exclamation sign near the Prolific USB-serial entry. I spent many hours figuring this out, but it has to do with using older drivers to get it fixed. Now, no errors, but still no ECU connection. Am looking on Google and trying various changes in the com settings. Anyone know if logging in to the Flash Loader is important to this process? Thanks!