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Pro Flo 2 - Legacy Status - Service and Support Changes

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  • Pro Flo 2 - Legacy Status - Service and Support Changes

    The Pro Flo 2 EFI product line was discontinued in 2016 and is no longer in production and is officially in legacy status with no further development or updates. Be aware that since being out of production, ECU replacement parts are in very limited supply. When possible, damaged ECUs that are repairable will be repaired however full ECU replacement may not be possible. Be advised that depending on the level of damaged sustained and the repair work necessary to fix it, a service charge will likely be applied. The Pro Flo XT Plus upgrade is no longer available.

    Edelbrock no longer provides direct tuning support for the Pro Flo 2. End users will be responsible for having their systems properly tuned by themselves or a tuning professional. At the time when Pro Flo 2 was developed, wideband O2 sensor technology was limited and expensive thus the kit was outfitted with a narrowband O2 sensor which can only indicate if AFRs are above or below stoichiometric. With wideband O2 sensor solutions now being widely available and affordable, it is highly recommended that the Pro Flo 2 system be upgraded with a wideband O2 sensor for better fuel tuning.

    Edelbrock will continue to offer full support to verified original purchasers however, support may be limited for systems that are purchased second-hand. The Pro Flo 2 forum section is a helpful resource for setup, tuning and diagnostic advice - please search and refer to existing threads before starting a new thread as your question has likely already been asked and answered.

    EFI legacy tech support page:
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