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    i have the pontiac 35560 proflo 2 which includes the mallory distributor part number 37-3559
    what is the part number for cap and rotor
    mallory list a type 37 distributor but it looks completely different
    where as the 81-84 series look identical
    mallory part numbers 205M rotor and 29792 cap look identical
    i am ordering some other parts from usa so need part numbers for these

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    Mallory is no more. The company that bought Holley, bought them. So some parts are no longer available.

    Edelbrocks new Pontiac distributor is #3681.

    You should call 800-416-8628. It's the best way to get information from them.
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      so i called tech support and they dont know what cap or rotor and suggested i buy a new distributor from them
      emailed msd and got no reply
      so after looking at caps and rotors i ordered parts assuming they would fit
      the cap is 205M and the rotor is 29792
      arrived and i can confirm they fit
      now i know what fits i can look at capadapt and see if i can get a wider cap
      considering original cap only lasted 2000 miles and has been giving me grief the whole time


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        Mallory was never good at having a good list for replacement parts. I had to call them about 4 different distributors, to get replacement parts, and I had their latest catalog if front of me. But I must say their parts do last a long time. I generally get 15,000 or more per caps, and points. Their Unilights never go bad.
        At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy