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    funny, my wife came out to the garage and said your car sounds so much better now, i had to tell her i had just turned the idle control off


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      i cannot tune this idle
      the iac is constantly surging, but the range cant be much as bit editor with active cursor does not show movement
      unless i drop it into drive, then it is very bad
      one strange thing i found was even with idle control off there is a massive draw through the iac hole and a slight surging sound
      1100 rpm in park with idle control off, about 600 with hole plugged or iac disconnected
      i still do not know if pwm iac should be 150 or 300 frequency
      could not follow the xt manual iac tuning procedure as with only proportional at 10, rpm fluctuated a couple of hundred from 450-650 with target set at 750