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Aux Gauges to Proflo2 ECU

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  • Aux Gauges to Proflo2 ECU

    I'd like to get Aux analog gauges for water temp and volts. Can I get analog readouts from the sensors that go to the ECU in an easy way? Just splice into the sensor wire?

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    We do not recommend splicing into the EFI harness for any reason. If the gauge you are adding changes the signal from the sensor, then the ECU will calculate fuel and spark incorrectly because of the changed signal.


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      That makes sense. Are you aware of any gauges that can take the data off the serial port to display? Looking to go with analog, mechanical gauges though and not a digital readout so maybe this route won't work.


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        Serial/CAN type gauges are not a good investment. If one goes out. Generally the next one doesn't work.
        Just get a good manual water temperature, and oil pressure gauge. A voltmeter gauge connected directly to the battery, with a relay .....not going through the ignition switch is a great investment for any EFI system. 270 degree sweep is the best for accuracy.
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