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  • Pro Flow 2 upgrade

    Is it possible to get a parts list to upgrade from Pro Flow 2 to Pro Flow 3

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    Yes ..i have to say it took me a long time digging in for answer and all i get from the people at the forum and edelbrock tech line was no and that there were working on it and its been 3 yrs and now there working on pro flow 4 ..dont wast your money on getting a self tuning EFI ez-EFi came up with there own EZ-EFI 2.0 multi port retro kit part num# 30404-kit this work on aftermarket EFI and older EFI pro flow 2 work like a charm it self tuning with no problem easy to install..i hope this answer your question..


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      Actually it doesn't answer his question.
      The main problem with upgrading Edelbrocks EFI systems is the ECU, and wiring harness are different.
      The ECU's get newer components ( Pro-Flo 4 has a faster processor, and better Bluetooth ).
      The wiring harness changes. Because Edelbrock might add new features, and some manufactures change the style of their connectors. The pin locations are changed too.

      The average price for most ECU's is around $1000.00 ( you can get a ECU from South Africa for around $400.00..they don't even use a TPS sensor ).
      Wiring harness is around $500.00 for most systems.
      Hand held controls. Most systems cost about $400.00 ( Edelbrock's newer systems just use a Android device ).

      Do to the high price ( actually it's not that high when compared to other brands, of the same "quality" ). Your better off selling the older system, and just buying a newer system.

      Personally. I like the older systems that could switch between Map-N, and Alpha-N, and use a PC for adjustments. Their not that hard to adjust, and you could add a turbo.
      Edelbrock's newer systems are for the person who just installs it, and drives. The self adjusting features saves a hour or two on the installation. So you just set it and go.
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        Almost forgot. The intake manifolds were changed in a couple of the kits. I also think the throttle body was changed a little bit too.
        At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy