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Controller turns off and on for entire run

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  • Controller turns off and on for entire run

    Hey guys I'm new around here & apologise for the weird question.
    My controller has worked well for many years & now is turning all the solenoids off and on during the run.
    I can feel it when racing & also see it on the racepak.
    Its weird as nothing has changed in the wiring of the car, but it started a week ago, & I was wondering what was wrong.

    I have been told a way of tricking it so its works, but I'm curious what would have changed to cause it after the progressive stopped.
    I have tried dry running in the car & shaking the micro switch, shaking & knocking the controller slightly, & moving wiring, but nothing makes the solenoids click again, like they do in the car.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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    Could be a current/voltage problem....bad grounds, loose fuse.

    Ignition interference.....bad plug or wire.

    If the above is ok. I would reset it, and possible try a new microswitch.
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