This thread is not about the Winter Olympics 2022.

It's about the long forgotten nostalgic high performance accessory that put fear into other competitors at the race track, and on the street.

Specifically. It's about the Gold anodized aluminum Pro-Flo racing air cleaner, the Gold anodized aluminum valve covers, the Gold anodized aluminum race one piece race valve cover wing nuts, the Gold anodized valve cover hold down tabs, and the Gold anodized valve cover breathers.

Gold anodized parts were a staple back in the 80's. With both Moroso, and Edelbrock making these rare, and feared performance accessories........I still have a Gold Moroso air cleaner.

Little known fact about these rare, and marvelous parts: They could be painted very easily to match the paint on the motor..... don't try that on Chrome parts. You will be very disappointed.

So. Edelbrock. Going to put it on your "to do list"?

PS. They would look nice in combination with the New VRS-4150 carburetors