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  • SBC 400 Heads

    I have a 1976 K10 with a 400 smallblock. Guy I bought it from said that the only engine mod was an "RV cam" for more torque.

    I was thinking about replacing the stock 76cc heads with the Edelbrock p/n 5073 - E-Street 70cc heads. I already have a Performer EPS manifold with a Holley Street Demon 650 carb.

    Anyone have any input? I am wondering what the resulting compression ratio will be. If I can find an inspection camera I am going to check to see if it has the stock dished pistons, as the previous owner said.

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    The smaller chamber size should increase compression about a half a point.
    But due to aluminum thermal design you can run a half point increase.

    So the short answer is its probably a wash. Not much change.

    Hope this helps.