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1406 Won't stay running

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  • 1406 Won't stay running

    My 1406 which came on the 1968 Mustang 302 I bought was running rich at idle. Jets and metering rods are out of the box stock. Carb is about 2 years old with 500 miles on it. Performance wise, it ran great. Fuel pump pressure runs at 4.5.

    I took the top off to check the float level and drop. Both very close but I did a little adjusting to get it perfect to 7/16 for level and 15/16 for drop. Here is where I screwed up as I am new to these carbs. I had left the metering rods in and reassemble the top. Car ran but "stuttered" open any kind of acceleration. I took off the top. The tips of the metering rods were bent over to a 45 degree angle. Obviously, the rods did not go into the jets when I had reassembled. Got rebuild kit and new "stock" metering rods and springs. Looked at jets and they looked fine. Put in new needles and seats from the rebuild kit. Readjusted floats to specs. Put the top on with the new gasket without the rods in it. Put in the rods and springs. I touched nothing else in the carb

    Now, it will start but will immediately die. I can keep it going for a few seconds by pumping the accelerator but it dies within 4-5 seconds. It seems to be starving for fuel. I took the top off again. Plenty of fuel in the float bowls. Checked to see (again) that needles were open when I blow into inlet with top upright and that they are closed when turning the top over to close the needles. All good.
    Just don't know what could be wrong as noting else on the engine has been touched.



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    Kind of sounds like the idle fuel mixture screws passages are blocked:

    Remove the 2 screws from the front of the carburetor, and blow some compressed air ( or carburetor cleaner with the red straw from the side of the can ). Put the 2 screws back in till they are lightly seated. Then un-screw 1 & 1/2 turns each.

    Also: I have never seen any V8 motor run rich with a "clean" #1406 carburetor.....a dirty/crusty one yes.

    Also #2: Fuel pressure should be in the 5's minimum.
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