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  • The new 1406

    After rebuilding my 1974 El Camino's 2GV Rochester until I was dreaming about check balls and pump rod specs, and still unable to cure an off idle stumble, I decided to go with a SBC kit that includes the intake, carb (1406) and other essentials. I got it installed this morning (Happy 4th!). It idles pretty fast. I assumed a vacuum leak from the manifold gasket, but have yet to find it. I can't get idle low enough w/out using the high/fast idle screw. Had a small backfire from carb. My 2bbl was set @ factory 650/600 8° BTDC. I can get the timing mark to 8°, but when I bring the RPMs to 650 in DRIVE w/o Vacuum Advance, I get a sputter and the engine dies.

    Vacuum for Brake booster goes to rear of CARB
    Vacuum Advance to Front Timed Vacuum Port
    PCV to front PCV Carb Port. All others Capped

    Any ideas?
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    "I can't get idle low enough w/out using the high/fast idle screw.".....Are we talking about the screw that's on the front side, or in the middle side of the carburetors throttle lever?

    You should try the full-time port, for the distributor.......scientifically ( and in the real world ) you will generally get better fuel economy with the throttle blades more closed.
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