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    I have a 396 Big Block in a Chevy C10. I want to check the valve clearances but I cant get the Edelbrock rocker box cover off!!

    They are held down by 4 bolts on the exhaust side. The top plates seem to be held on by bolts with unsecured blind nuts.

    The inlet edge has no fixings. The exhaust side is loose, The inlet side is still fixed but there are no visible fixings.

    Can anybody advise me?
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    Each valve cover is bolted down with 7 bolts each. For a total of 14 bolts.
    Tap the valve cover with a rubber hammer to get them loose, after all 14 bolts have been removed.
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      Thanks for the advice but I only have 4 visible bolts on the exhaust side of each cover. The fixings on the inlet side are hidden. I thought the removable cover bolts might go all the way through but they just rotate and do not actually undo (not tried them all as I dont want loose bolts I cant tighten up again)


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        Sorted. Three of the bolts on the inlet side of the cover which hold the top cover on are long and actually go right through to the block. Cheers.