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Performer Pontiac vs Performer RPM intake.

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  • Performer Pontiac vs Performer RPM intake.

    First post here. I’m curious about the physical differences between the performer Pontiac Intake and the Performer RPM. Are the two intakes identical only with a taller flange on the RPM or are the runners and everything actually taller on the RPM?

    i know that the RPM intake is taller than the Performer and I currently have a performer intake so I’m curious if I could just put a carb spacer on my Performer and it be the same as using a Performer RPM.

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    If that was true, Edelbrock would be selling more spacers, then intake manifolds.

    Both intakes are used for different reasons.

    Ones basically a smog replacement part. So it has mounts for stock smog parts.

    The other is a performance enhanced unit. So it does not have all the mounts for factory parts.
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