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  • help with top end kits

    I have a 502 gen VI, edelbrock has a kit pt# edl-2094 (611 hp) it shows its for a 502 gen VI but there is also a kit pt# edl-2072 (703 hp) which says it is for a 496-555 gen VI I know im in the ci range but will it work on a 502 gen VI,summit says yes, waiting on jegs to answer,

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    Going purely off the notes in the catalog, I'd say that yes, both the 2094 and 2072 kits should fit a Gen VI BBC. Not speaking from personal experience - just my comprehension of the notes provided in the catalog which is probably what Summit and Jegs would go off of too. While the extra 100 hp from the 2072 sounds appealing, I'd say it's certainly more of a race setup whereas the 2094 would be a super hot street setup. Just my $.02.


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      Both sets do use the same head gasket.
      As stated by Nate S. The #2072 does need a lot of compression, and RPM's to make the stated power VS the #2094.
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