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Russell Plumbing for Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

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  • Russell Plumbing for Automotive Air Conditioning Systems

    I have poured over the latest Russell catalog in hopes of finding plumbing products specifically recommended for air conditioning systems. I found nothing.
    In further research I see that Aeroquip offers such products. So why is that? Are Russell hoses not capable of handling refrigerant and related oils? All of my other plumbing, including high pressure power steering, are handled with Russell hose and fittings so I'd like to stick with Russell if I can.
    What do you recommend I do?

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    Air-conditioning doesn't enhance the performance of a vehicle ( other then the new Dodge Demon ) So it's not basic part needed for all performance vehicles.

    Aeroquip uses Parker hoses.

    Yes. None of the hoses are designed to be used with a high pressure refrigerant.

    Use Parker hoses and fittings for your air-conditioning needs.

    Edit: EATON owns Aeroquip. So their hoses are basically EATON's. But I still have Aeroquip hose with Parker embossed on the side.
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