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Brake booster vacuum question

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  • Brake booster vacuum question

    Hi. I owned a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a 455 motor. Prior owner modified the engine by replacing the stock intake with a performer's intake and a performer plus camshaft. This combination produces 15" of vacuum at idle. The issue is that I have always feel that the brake pedal was slightly hard and the brakes never really lock as for an emergency situation. I was used to this until a friend told me I needed a vacuum pump to increase vacuum to at least 18". He owns a 1971 Malibu with a big cam and had less than 15" of vacuum. Now with an electric pump manifold makes in excess of 18" Do I need a pump as well? I tested the booster and all works as expected. No leaks anywhere.

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    You need to get the booster fixed, or replaced. Some one changed some thing...most likely an accident, wrong parts were replaced.
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