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ODB2 interface?

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  • ODB2 interface?

    Is anyone working on an ODB2 interface for the ProFlo2 software? It would be great to be able to hook up an iPhone/Android interface such as this one: for easy, useful real-time engine management feedback. You would be riding on the coat-tails of other developers creating cool software for modern engine management systems.

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    That would be a great gadget.
    496 in a 454SS truck, Pro-flo 2 and "remote 80MM turbo"


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      How prevalent is it to convert an OBDII vehicle to an aftermarket fuel injection system?

      I can see people taking an LS engine and tossing it into a 50s chevy hotrod or something. But why would you go aftermarket on a newer vehicle when you can simply re-program you brain or re-chip your brain?

      I always thought aftermarket efi was for guys like me who are tired of carbs and their constant problems?

      Not to be a jackwagon, but it is OBDII not ODB.

      OBDII is On Board Diagnostics Ver. 2 as opposed to old dirty bastard. LOL!


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        ODB2 Protokol, new App Edelbrock?

        Hi, i have a Dakota Digital VHX-55C-PU and a large LCD message center for Can Bus Modules uva. BIM-01-1 ODB2,EGT, Pressure,........expansions.
        thats where great on a Pro flo2 nice a ODB2 Port replikator conection, or so APPs Edelbrock :-)Android-Apple.

        i think source Can Bus Software license can pay, for any ECUs
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          @Roger hero... are you saying that the Dakota can be hooked up to the Edlebrock Pro Flo 2?


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            unfortunately not but I heard of programmer software for some ecu can Displayed Data on a 7 "navy or so, only the true 10 years ago. pity that there are only new for EDL.
            For tuning i have two wideband and so other sensor twice, 1 for ecu pro flo2 / 2 wideband for tuning logs and for VHX dakota have bus module for egt - wideband - pressure - oiltemps and more so for warning messages set points in the display. That's great for Customs Warning to VHX