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  • Natural Gas ?

    I was wondering what is Edelbrock's thoughts on producing a duel fuel injection system? After spending some time researching compressed natural gas as a fuel, it might be the way to go. The initial investment would be steep (gas compressor, new gas line to garage, tanks, & injection system). But could produce a gallon of fuel for about a dollar a gallon. In 2003, I built a nice small block 400 for my Chevy truck and have a Pro Flo 3507 on it. Around 2007-08 fuel prices around here went up to about 5 dollars a gallon. Long story short, truck got parked and been sitting in the driveway ever since. They do sell ad-on CNG systems for EFI, but would be nice to have one system control gasoline or CNG with the Pro Flo technology.

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    Natural gas is not something we have really looked into as our market is mainly targeted towards gasoline engines but as technology progresses and the demand gets greater it may be something we visit in the future.


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      I have a customer with that setup in his garage.
      Sucks that he can't do long trips.
      At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy


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        Well, I guess so,

        Well, I guess so, but anyway,as far as I know, although natural gas produce incomplete combustion, it's still safer to use than gasoline, etc. therefore, it's more environmental friendly. I learned that GM and Chrysler have announced natural-gas powered versions of the full-size pickups made by both companies. The trucks will be released later this year. Resource for this article: GM and Chrysler launching natural gas trucks.


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          Unless you can liquefy natural gas to -260 degrees F, you won't get much range. CNG (compressed natural gas) has a pretty low BTU value, so you would need a large pressure vessel in the vehicle. LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is an easier conversion. The BTU is about the same as E-85, so a reasonable sized pressure vessel will provide decent driving range. The problem is most propane places want to charge $3.00+/per gallon. If you have propane heating at your home, the cost is less than $2.00/gallon when buying larger amounts, but you would need a LPG pump to fill your vehicle from your home pressure vessel.