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    I will be building a 390FE which is in my 68 Cougar and was thinking about the Pro Flo 4 EFI system. Speedway Motors states it might not fit the Cougar. Is this true and why wouldn't it fit. It doesn't make sense to me.

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    Speedway has one of the most stupidest website, vehicle selection, parts selection sites..... Seriously.

    Go to Summit Racing ( best web site ). Or Jegs ( a little flaky, but way better then Speedway ).

    Anyways. It will fit. You will need a fuel system upgrade. If you haven't already installed one.
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      Thanks. It really didn't make sense to me. I think I will add the EFI sump kit also. The car is in pieces as I am restoring as a resto-mod. Thanks again.


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        Did you ever get it up and running? i am thinking about using this setup not with my cougar but on a different project. I got a 390 but hopefully will find a 428 soon what hp and tq you get with this on your build.