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Dual throttle body EFI manifold for Chevy 409W aluminum engine.

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  • Dual throttle body EFI manifold for Chevy 409W aluminum engine.

    I am going to purchase a World aluminum 409W block. I want to use Edelbrock Pro Flow Heads, and I want to install an Edelbrock Dual quad intake manifold. What I need to know is, can I install Dual EFI throttle bodies on their manifold. If I can do I have to make adjustments or alterations to the manifold for the injectors?

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    If it was a Air Gap. Then it would have "some" room to mount injectors.
    But I wouldn't try to put injectors on the RPM #5409. Their just is not enough room for them.

    The Fitech 2x4 systems (TBI ) are made to fit the Edelbrock Dual Quad intakes.
    Of the 2 different systems they make....the 600HP, and the 1200HP Power Adder. The Power Adder ones have the PC software "in" the handheld unit.
    So if the motor is going to have less then 11" of vacuum at idle. Get the Power Adder system which has the PC software. It will be much easier to tune.

    Holley's Terminater, or HP unit ( i forget which one ) can do dual TBI units. But I don't think they will fit on the intake manifold.

    I have a C-26 ( small block dual quad ) that I whant to do EFI on. So I've looked at basically all the systems. Fitech is the best option to date.
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