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Adapting the Pro-Flo to obsolete engines

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  • Adapting the Pro-Flo to obsolete engines

    I do mostly Studebaker and Packard V8s. Adapting the manifold is something we know how to do. The distributor is where we could use some help syncing up with the Edelbrock controller. Both engines use the pre-SBC Delco with the advance under the point plate or the Autolite/Prestolite the Mopars used for many years. Seems I've read there is a GM Delco amplifier one can adapt to work with the Ebrock system. Is there also a V8 GM Hall-effect trigger which could also be adapted? What about Mopar Prestolite systems? Their solid state trigger is two-wire and the Ebrocks I've seen are three wire. Is there a schematic which would help?

    jack vines

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    The Edelbrock ignition amplifier is just a GM HEI module. So thats the easy part.

    The tricky part is the ignition "signal" from the distributor.
    It's a combination signal of both crank position, and camshaft position.
    This signal is "formed" by the 7 pluse 1 spacing of the metal chopper wheel in the distributor.
    If you have the skills you can use the parts from a current Edelbrock distributor to make one.
    Note: It may take some time to get the rotor phasing right. But like I said, if you have the skills to do the conversion. You just match up the position of the parts.

    List of current Edelbrock distributors:
    #3679. AMC 1967-1969 343-390 and 1970-1991 304-401.
    #3674. Small and Big block chevys.
    #3680. Small block Chrysler 318-340-360
    #3677. Big block "B" Chrysler 361-400.
    #3678. Big block "RB" Chrysler 413-426-440.
    #3675. Ford 289-302.
    #3676. Ford 351W.
    #3681. Pontiac 326-455.
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      Forgot to mention. All the distributors are "locked out", with no vacuum advance.
      So no moving parts to deal springs, and weights.
      At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy