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    Most of the discussion around here seems focused, quite understandably, on the mechanical underpinnings and concerns. Guys and gals seem awful quick to abandon ship when confronted with the software side of things, and I'd really, really like to see folks from Edelbrock step into that type of conversation with as much acumen and knowledge as I've consistently seen them bring to the more physical wrenching topics.

    Any way we could get Edelbrock to crack open on this a bit? I was very excited to see they went with android, a platform I am very comfortable with, but looking at the options and revisions, I have a sinking feeling they were expecting more of an iOS experience and Microsoft levels of support and compatibility going forward, and were perhaps lured into it by lower initial development costs. Having to change apps from one iteration of E Street EFI to the next seems like a limit introduced by using a third party firm to develop and maintain the software, which I can comprehend, but it should be unnecessary for a company catering to DIY-intensive consumers with an expressed interest in what is at least a somewhat open platform.

    What would be standing in the way of a company like Edelbrock open-sourcing its software? Contracts with third parties? Fear of customers mixing and matching hardware with competitors, and litigation resulting from homebrew mishaps? Emissions or other regulations for road-legal vehicles? Something more obvious and/or complex that I can't see, simply because I'm not actually involved in the industry?

    If something is truly standing in the way of a more open software development, choosing android will likely prove to be a mistake going forward. As much as I enjoy it, it is a fragmented amorphous beast that does not play nice with the pacing and budgeting of more established firms motivated to protect IP. If that conclusion is what Edelbrock arrives at, would any attempt be made to port the legacy apps to Windows, linux, and/or iOS? If not, I can reasonably easily script kiddie set up a device to run an older environment to cater to the E Tuner app for myself, but I would consider it rather abusive towards customers like those already struggling to continue using the V1 E Tuner app.
    1974 GMC C2500 LWB stepside
    -350 mated to 700r4

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    Your missing the whole point of Edelbrocks EFI systems. They are quality self tunning systems that rarely have to be adjusted when properly installed, and maintained.

    E-Street 2 can fit most 4 barrel intake manifolds, and has an option to use a accurate performance distributor vs the hit or miss HEI distributors people were using with the original E-Street, and having problems.

    The Pro-Flo 3 is a direct port system thats just as easy to use as the E-Street. Due to it's "self tunning".

    Both systems communicate wirelessly. No more plugging in a laptop, or handheld device.

    If you need a "software" system. Then you get Pro-Flo 2/XT/Sportsman. These systems "don't" run out of the box. Like the "self tunning" E-Street 2, and Pro-Flo 3. You will have to make adjustments.

    As for open sourcing the software. That will never happen. It has to stay closed, or other people will plagiarize Edelbrock's hard work.

    Like I told you before. Once you buy the product. You can do what ever you whant to it. But you void the warranty.
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      I honestly don't understand your personal hostility to the ideas suggested, other than perhaps it being your method of expressing confusion, which is further enforced by your spewing marketing at a guy who has already purchased a system.

      the E Tuner app has a delightful little gauge display, which demonstrates my point: it's not necessary, it's simply a convenient feature which adds value to the E Street and Pro Flo systems. the same can be said for the range of tuning available to the end user, well beyond the limits of convenient self-tuning. apparently, edelbrock also has some difficulty keeping the app up to date, which would be alleviated by shifting some of the burden onto willing consumers; open sourcing everything would be neat, but it's not necessary, and I understand why they wouldn't. but the user interface is not what edelbrock is selling and it should be possible to allow for a very high level of optimization and customization if they opened development up on that end, especially if they're not willing or able to do those things themselves.

      the benefits of a wireless system are only benefits if they see continued support. locking it up and forgetting it behind some proprietary programming is both wasteful and cruel.

      the product is already marketed to consumers that wish to personally improve and add features to their vehicles. they are not, however, catering to the software side of that same market, despite having chosen an excellent platform to do it on.

      so, the question remains: why not add functionality and features? or allow your customers to add value to your product for you, and happily? why just stop at one or two such features, and then claim it's perfect just the way it is, in a room full of people that just spent thousands ripping a perfectly functional carb off a completely serviceable engine?
      1974 GMC C2500 LWB stepside
      -350 mated to 700r4


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        For features you use the software EFI systems.
        For the average person who doesn't want to use a PC, or have a extra device in the vehicle just to drive it. They use the app EFI system.
        Hence the way I posted. By giving examples.

        The app is not Itunes, or some other app that needs to be updated ever day.
        So why do you say Edelbrock has difficulty keeping it up to date? Perhaps asking Google to fix it would be better.....their the ones who make the OS changes.

        It's a EFI system.
        The wireless part doesn't have to be in the vehicle to drive it. Only to set it up.
        So how is this wasteful and cruel?

        I don't understand this catering.
        It sounds like you want Edelbrock to sell software.
        To who?

        Functionality and features?
        It's a EFI system. It's function is to fuel the engine.
        Features. The only feature I would ever use is like in F1 were the motor plays a song.....George Thorogood Bad to the bone at stoplights. Might be able to do it with the Pro-Flo XT/Sportsman. They do drive by wire, and it's not against any laws I know of. To rev your motor at a intersection. Heck at some intersections around here I could play side one of Pink Floyd's The Wall before the lights change.

        To the point: It ( the .apk ) is just a "device" to tell the ECU what it's controlling.

        I've changed my mind.
        1968/Beatles/Revolution.... That's the song the EFI should play.
        At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy


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          look, I actually love guys like you. I need you to understand that this is coming from a place of love. without guys like you in my life, I would have sold my motorcycle for pocket change on craigslist in frustration when the stator burned out a few months after I bought it, and my life would suck. without guys like you in my life, I would be in debt up to my neck in a desperate effort to keep my lazy ass in modern, leased vehicles with warranties and sound systems from best buy, and my life would suck.

          but you are blind on this smartphone thing, and it's killing me. holley's PITA wired, add-on crappy little electronic dash is 800 dollars, and people actually give them money for it. it's a joke, and a bad one. but it has more functionality than the E Tuner app. the E Tuner app literally runs on a fully featured computer, but has less functionality than glorified breadboard with a dedicated "teach your toddler how to code!" display. Christ. it would be less painful if edelbrock just sold such a dedicated display, but still wireless, for $400. guys like me would just giggle over how that's still something like a 500% profit margin, and proceed to buy edelbrock out of appreciation for getting slightly less dicked over.

          but no. edelbrock decided to go with android, because, hey, just about everyone has a smartphone!

          The app is not Itunes, or some other app that needs to be updated ever day.
          that sort of comment suggests edelbrock made a huge mistake. you don't update the app because you're some tech company and you have to stay up on the latest trends in font selection and icon style. you update the app because you sold it as a feature of your EFI system, and it doesn't work seamlessly with the latest OS releases. if you're going to bin it because maintaining software is just too far out of your wheelhouse, and all you really wanted to do was fuel engines, you're going to face backlash for lying to customers about the features of your EFI system.

          here's the thing though; because the platform is somewhat open-source, edelbrock does not have to maintain the software itself in order to fulfill their obligation to the customer. edelbrock could easily engage the appropriate community, and see that software maintained by the appropriate enthusiasts, cover their asses and protect their IP with the appropriate legalese, and barely ever have to screw around with anything except fueling engines. no backlash, only mostly happy customers who can now also handle the software tech support for the few unhappy customers for edelbrock.

          and, goddamnit, I want to be able to color-coordinate my digital dash with my physical dash, use my thumbprint to start my truck, and hell, media buttons wouldn't hurt either.
          1974 GMC C2500 LWB stepside
          -350 mated to 700r4


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            fine then. in asking about the system over on reddit, the guys in r/carhacking requested pictures of the ECU guts. while it's obvious to me the warranty is gone as soon as I actually start modifying anything, it doesn't look like there's anything that would break if I unscrewed the cover and took some pictures. anyone know differently?
            1974 GMC C2500 LWB stepside
            -350 mated to 700r4


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              Hey can you link the discussion on reddit?
              I am definitely on board with open source for the app!! I would like to do more with it than just look at it. I wish I could add a data logger at least!