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  • EFI for Buick 350

    Not sure where to post this. I have a '72 Buick GS with a 350 4 barrel. Does Edelbrock offer an efi packing that would work with my car?

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    For a Buick 350, unfortunately we do not offer a Direct Port EFI system. I would recommend our E-Street 2 EFI (#3664- Base Kit) which is a Throttle Body Injection System. It is a universal, self-learning EFI System that would bolt onto an existing 4-barrel Square-bore manifold. It utilizes an Android base tablet to do the initial setup & calibration, minor tuning adjustments, and gauge displays.

    For more information check our website at the link below...
    Edelbrock EFI systems are designed and manufactured in conjunction with EFI Technology Inc, and are offered in three levels of performance for street, street/strip or all out competition.


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      I'm looking for new valve springs for 91 Accord 2.2 F22A. Don't know if I'm posting or what. I'm totally lost here. Desperate, please help. Thank you !


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        I have a '67 Buick Wildcat with a 430 of which I'm interested in installing an E-Street EFI. Is a complete kit still available? Does in include the lo/high pressure pump reservoir? I can't find a link to a kit like this. Thanks -


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          The kits are not manufactured any more. Some dealers do still have some.
          You just need look around......EBay is a good place to start.
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            So there is no, new complete Edelbrock kit available that does not include a dedicated Ford/Chevy manifold? I want the the newer electronics with the modern systems.


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              You are correct. Edelbrock currently only makes EFI kits with intake manifolds...they also come with the special triggering distributor.

              There never has been a dedicated, specifically made kit for Buick's.

              Depending on your skill level. You could make one of the current kits work with a modified Buick intake manifold, and modified Buick distributor.
              At 43,861 MPH Elon Musk now owns the fastest car in this Galaxy