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  • weber idf or ida efi

    how about spliting your 4bbl efi so we can have some idf or ida efi thats as simple as you make it for our stuff that uses id/dlra or ida intakes? Ive used edelbrock products for around 40 years or so, now retired(due to health)performance machinist/builder. almost everything from jet skis,4 wheeler s, mud trucks,top sportsman,offshore marine,circle track, pro street etc. now due to reasons beyond my control Im into the air cooled vw stuff but still have the need for speed&power. my vw stuff uses the idf&ida carbs, sure be nice to have Edelbrock on them...instead of the china made carbs. ( I have 2028cc,2332cc,2393 cc engines currently) there light so I can still work on them.all my v8 stuff has to go I cant work on it(lift anything) please either split your current& add a adapter or make the body's to fit.(very simple for you guys) I think if you price them right they will sell extremely well as the ones out there now are expensive or mega squirt kit/scrapyard.

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    Edelbrocks products are mainly geared towards American V8's. Both new and old.
    The "custom" EFI systems are controlled by the Pro-Flo Sportsman, and Pro-Flo XT Plus systems. I don't remember if they have a minimum liter/CI rating.

    2 barrel throttle bodies, both regular and progressive, are mainly made for European cars with very small engines. The link below might have some throttle bodies you can use.

    Theoretically. Cutting off the back 2 bores of the E-Street 2 system, and just using the front 2 bores. Would in be my opinion, still to large for a small motor.

    Theres lots of small engine EFI systems. Most are used for Motorcycles.
    Heres a link to a place I have book marked.

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