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Street v2 new install won't start

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  • Street v2 new install won't start

    Just tried cranking it this evening and I'm not getting any spark, nothing at timing light or at coil. I have sbc with ignition kit. I did have CDI box, but I also tried bypassing it but nothing. I turned off self learning bc I need to bake off paint inside headers before I foul o2. I didn't have 02 sensor connected to harness, I'll try at least connecting it to harness. Any ideas?

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    I think I figure it out, my painless harness had choke power, but it was not switched ignition, it would kill on ignition, I'm gonna splice into coil power I know works, well see.


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      Got it running pretty good with just coil, but wont run well if i connect my older msd 6a cdi box, maybe bc i had tach output connected on cdi. If i cant use cdi box is there a way to get tach signal for my gauge in dash from the 3674 ignition control?


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        The only thing you can try is to run your tach from the negative side of the coil. The E-Street ECU doesn't have a dedicated Tach output. MSD and others make tach adapter modules that may work for your application.


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          Thanks I got it from neg. side of coil, works great. Finally got it running pretty good. I wish there was a ECU switch to keep fans off only during startup. I have my fans set to come on at 174 & 178. If I restart and my temp is around 200 with both fans on my alternator squeals the belt, it's a 140 amp, maybe I could switch to 100 amp with less drag? If I set the temps up I can keep them off at startup, not sure what is good start temp for fans. Overall I really like this kit. I have the ignition kit & sump.
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            You can use some thing like this, to delay the outputs:
            There about $10.00. But they are a little hard to program for some people.
            It does have a negative in, and negative out so it's basically wired in series with the outputs of the ECU.
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