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Low Fuel Pressure

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  • Low Fuel Pressure

    I installed the E-Street fuel injection on a Ford 351w, it is in a 1990 Ford Ranger. Went through the set up wizard, low to no fuel pressure. Installed an after market pump that exceeds the minimum fuel out put for the E-Street. Even with adjusting the fuel pressure regulator up all the way, still no pressure reading on the tablet pressure gauge. Any ideas? Thanks

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    The sensors are very good quality. Have you checked the connections of the sensor, and at the main harness ( it is pin #8 )?

    Does the motor run?
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      Fuel pressure is only a reference on the tablet. The ECU does not use it for any calculations, so the engine will run with the sensor unplugged. Have you tried starting the engine? Have you checked pressure with a mechanical gauge?