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Single Plane Manifold To Help With Hard cold Start

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  • Single Plane Manifold To Help With Hard cold Start

    Hi, I'm running an E Street 2 on a 468 inch Chevy big block with a Lunati 554"/578" cam, aluminum heads and an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold. It runs great but it's a bitch to start when cold, especially if it sits for a week or so. Have to key on/off several times along with a fair amount of cranking. Once it fires it idles on it's own no problem. I have the cold start enrichment set to the max, I believe 20%, timing is right on at 12 degrees and fuel pressure is adjusted to 58 psi (it was at 52 out of the box). Would there be any benefit to running say a Victor Jr where the runners are more of a straight shot into the cylinders? I've also read a few articles claiming single plane manifolds work better with EFI. Thanks

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    Do you know what map you are currently running? Being on the correct map will make a difference in starting.

    Also, 12 degrees is kinda low for ignition timing. Normally with a decent cam, you would be 18-20 degrees idle spark. I would advance the timing on the tablet and see how improves overall drivability.

    When the engine has been sitting for a week or two, it is recommended to cycle the key at least 2-3 times to wet the manifold and help starting. Have you adjusted the Crank Fuel? That is for when the starter motor is ON. Cold Start Enrichment is for after the engine as started. If you haven't adjusted it, start with +10% and see if that helps. If it gets better, then add some more.


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      The map I'm running is 36024V21. Crank fuel and cold start enrichment are both at +20%. What's your opinion on a single plane manifold any advantage?


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        That is a good map to be on for that engine/cam combination and your fuel pressure is correct. What is the AFR Correction when it is warmed up? What is your ignition timing set to?

        A single plane manifold works fine with Port fuel injection. A TBI system like E-Street injects the fuel in the same place as a carb, so we find in most cases a dual plane works better.