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  • New install. Crank / no - start

    I just finished installing the efi 2 on my sbc 355 with the edelbrock ignition control system. I meticulously followed the install instructions to a "T". Did the initial setup map @ 36002v2I. im getting 58-60 psi, good tach signal 250 rpm cranking, good vdc at switch B+ while cranking. But the engine wont fire up just cranks. Seems like its not getting any fuel. Am i missing something here?
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    Does it do the fuel prime when you first turn the key on?

    You should hear the injectors working, and you should smell gasoline in the throttle body.
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      Check for spark and see if the injectors are clicking. If they are, then I would recheck the installation of the distributor. If you have it off, then it won't start. Turn the engine over to just before TDC on #1 cylinder and then set the pointer to read 12 degrees. Verify once the distributor is seated on the manifold that the narrow tooth is in the sensor (you have to remove the cap to see it). Then check to see that the rotor lines up with the #1 tower on the cap. If that is done correctly, then it should fire up and you will only have to move the distributor only a fraction to get it synced in.


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        This is the sensor & teeth to line up.....

        NO need to remove rotor----( just for photo op )